... schildert haar "plantaardig paradijs"

La Brière -  Artistes en Escapade  -  Editions Coiffard  2002




Joke Frima: “The Sandun Lake was nearly dry so I could sit among the leaves.


27 etangdesardunThe drought had slowed down the decomposition process of the water lily leaves attacked by snails and, making the scene even more strange, of the rhizomes rising from the mud. It took me three days to draw every leaf on the canvas and throughout that time I felt at peace.

I love plants, light, water. They inspire me profoundly, and instill in me a deep sense of life.”

Joke Frima ( The Netherlands, 1952)

Painter of still life and landscape. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tilburg and at Studio Simi in Florence, Italy. She taught at the Assosazione Culturale per Disegno et Pittura Realistica in Florence before returning to the Netherlands. In 1999 she decided to move with her family to France, convinced she’d find a better quality of life here.


La Brière – artistes en escapade (Editions Coiffard, Nantes 2002)