... paints her "vegetable paradise"

Joke Frima


Born :

on 29 May 1952 in The Hague, Netherlands , Joke Frima grew up in Zoetermeer and completed her


Art education:

the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam (1969-70) and
the Academy of Fine Arts in Tiburg (1970-74
She then left for Florence, Italy, to refine her skills in the studio of the Grande Dame of figurative painting,
Signorina Simi (Studio Simi) from1976- 84.

Joke Frima remained in Italy until 1985, consecrating herself to painting and teaching art. She then returned to the Netherlands, where she continued to develop as a notable painter of still life and landscape.


In 1999 she moves to France,

seeking more space and freedom to allow her work to grow. She currently resides in Vissingy in the Morvan.


Joke Frima finds her subject matter in everyday beauty in nature.

Leaves fascinate her more than flowers. In her vegetal still lifes she shows us nature not yet picked clean or manicured by man. She looks for common things like a meadow with butterbur, a cluster of strawberries or dandelions. The low viewpoint she chooses, –Frima appears to be lying in the grass, –makes you want to creep deep into her paintings to find your own way through the leaves.

In an abstracted play of texture, rhythm, light and colour, Frima manages to evoke a sense of calm and harmony in a rather modest subject and also grab the viewers full attention.